Bins for bulk produce

Gravity bins and scoop bins

logo-bpa-freeIn the last 20 years, we have acquired true expertise in the bulk bin domain. For this ever growing and innovative system, each year, new products are conditioned for bulk distribution so we develop the techniques to improve ergonomics...
Today, this bulk system is recognized professionally to be economic and ecologically friendly and is a signature trait for organic health food stores. We strive daily, to improve the handling of the products and the possibility of adding new products such as liquids, catering goods, olives, honey, freshly ground flour.
As more and more products can be put into gravity bins as they are easily poured and do not stick to the sides, we created latest design which offers the possibility of having two rows of gravity bins (big ones and small ones) one on top of the other. The highest gravity bin is 160cm above ground floor and all is equipped with TF's spillage collector system.The gravity bins have a clear advantage hygienically speaking and improve sales to about 20%. The bottom bins (+/- 30cm) can be used for bulk conditioned in 3kg to 5kg bags or other conditioning. For the bulk display system to work and remain durable, it is essential to maintain the bins and furniture clean.

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