Wine Cellars

We have built numerous models and take a particular liking in creating alcoves where the client has the impression of leaving the main store and entering into an atmosphere where they feel like they have the time to select their wine. We strongly recommend parallel racks holding 12 bottles to which evokes a dynamic style regarding our cellars, and diminishes the eventual encumbering of bottles. Even if the effect of lying the bottles on their side is more of a presentation issue than a necessity( apparently, the bottle needs to be positioned three months upright before the contents of it are affected), the wine cellar aspect we propose is much more appealing to the eye. It is necessary for wine bottles that are particularly slender to be presented from the base so we offer the possibility of having a moveable stand where the top of the bottle can be inserted into and held in place; bottle holders equipped with label holders are installed on the façade. We also have rectangular racks which allow for the bottles to be positioned either standing up or lying down to limit the need to install small metallic stands where a display bottle is usually placed. For alcoholic beverages, adjustable shelves with label holders ensure a proper presentation of the product, and box wine can be put on the bottom compartments or wines that sell well. We can also build pergolas over the wine cellars and add lighting to accentuate the alcove effect.

Examples of designs

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