Our products

We custom-design our furniture using solid wood that is absent of fungicides or insecticides. The finished product is protected with natural oils or natural varnish (Biofa).
We take a particular interest in furniture specifically designed for: fruits and vegetables, baked goods, wine cellars, cosmetics, libraries, reception offices, cash desks, as well as displays destined to contain bulk produce such as dried fruit or grains.
We are the sole distributer in France for New Leaf and Trade Fixtures' gravity bin's and scoop bins.

New BPA Free Bins

The truth is often difficult to acquire,
A little like gold found in the earth, one needs to polish it
In order to contemplate its splendor

Since the beginning, our goal has consisted in designing stores in an attractive and creative manner, reflecting a welcoming atmosphere where customers have the pleasure going to. To this day, the demand for quality and natural concepts allows us, along with our clients, to be proud of our achievements in developing harmonious surroundings where consumers purchase organic products.

The sales of bulk products over the years has attracted a growing number of people anxious to escape the need to purchase packaged goods and come closer to the raw material, as well as have the pleasure in choosing the desired amount. The distribution of bulk products has become the signature trait of numerous specialty stores.
Intrinsically convinced by this distribution channel, we are acutely involved with our customers in the bulk section shop fitting. Since 1999, we have developed a partnership with a very reliable manufacturer of dispensers, Trade Fixtures, world leader in this market, who has provided remarkable technological solutions: solid, practical, transparent bins.
Based on these bins, we have invented, initiated and perfected many different types of fixtures: ergonomically designed furniture, bulk loading platforms, cabinets for “swing down systems”... Our current customers are able to reference up to 250 products with our bulk concepts and gain up to 13% of their turnover in the bulk section of their stores.

Today, there is a rising concern on the topic of Bisphenol A detected in the polycarbonate bins.
At Bio Creation Bois, we keep ourselves informed on this issue on a daily basis. We base our decisions on the legislations enforced, but also in light of the research and expertise of our partners.
For this reason, starting a year ago, we have been able to offer the New Leaf line with a body made from a co-polyester resin, Bisphenol A free which is just as transparent and solid. Beginning of June 2012, all our dispensers will be guaranteed bisphenol A free.
Our prices will remain the same.

To recognize the BPA free bins, starting 2011, a TF sign is engraved at the bottom of the bin's body. One must take off the black base of the bin and look for this TR sign which stands for Tritan. - Tritan is a co-polyester perfected by our manufacturer.

Up until May 30, 2012, our supplier and ourselves have set up an offer at very interesting prices for customers who are interested in replacing the bodies of their bins. In addition, customers may also benefit from a promotional offer for the launch of our newest Kit fixture TRIO. For this, we thank you in advanced for returning the attached document.

We remain available for further information at 02 99 72 26 30 and cordially invite you to visit our website www.biocreationbois.com, to discover our diverse line of creations and projects.