Our craft woodworking company excels in the designing and manufacturing of custom made furniture for organic health food stores. We seek to create attractive displays and shelves which have Japanese and American influences while ensuring maximal selling space. With the desire to satisfy our customers' needs, we became a distributer for Trade Fixtures high quality gravity bins and scoop bins in 1999. This partnership has led us to create an English version of our website as well as acquiring a new collaborator who is perfectly bilingual land is available to answer to any questions a customer may have.

Offering a complete selection of innovative yet practical bins for bulk merchandising, our goal is to become a reliable supplier for wholesalers and stores all across Europe. Prepared and extensively competent to respond to any technical inquiries , we are also ready to study any project for organic health food stores in Europe and are willing to work with local businesses who share the same interest : custom made furniture out of solid wood and the use of natural oils. We are also committed to being present at Biofach, in order to meet in person with our European clientele.

The Founder

Jean Milcent I initiated this business in 1989 starting from two main ideas : the manufacturing of furniture for organic stores using solid wood, and the use of natural oils (Biofa). Managing a health food store in 1986 to 1989 helped me define designs for shelves and displays for bulk products. Living in Canada as a wood worker for over six years and gaining experience in bulk distribution in Victoria BC has enabled me to gather a vast amount of knowledge which has in turn built the foundation of our actual line to which BioCréationbois was born.

Photo de l Throughout the years, I have combined traditional assembling methods and recent techniques which have perfected ergonomics, practical aspects, and aesthetics to our broad choice of furniture.
My modestly sized business has great ambitions to encourage the possibility of living in an ecologically friendly world and seek to aid the progress and distribution of organic agriculture so that it may benefit on a large scale. This is why my team and I strive daily to meet customer satisfaction, applying the intrinsic values of reliability and commitment, in the hopes of establishing solid, long term relationships.

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